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Tajamal Shah, Barrister Managing Director

Tajamal Shah, Barrister Managing Director

THS & Co, a unique legal and business consultancy firm, founded on a philosophy focused on catering for the daily and changing needs of busy and evolving in-house legal departments of major corporates.

The founder and Managing Director, Tajamal Shah, with his vast experience in senior in-house roles as well as with the global law firm DLA Piper, created a vision for the firm, centered around understanding and meeting the needs of each individual legal department of its clients.

The firm is cognizant of the fact, legal departments are the front-line defense for businesses which are aggressively driven by the desire for results in a more active and complex legal, regulatory and compliance environment.

Playing a central role, in the heart of the business, has placed extreme pressures on legal departments, where workload is ever increasing. The need for constant up-skilling and development of lawyers is the norm, while resources are stretched, and cost cutting drives, a regular feature of today’s world.

At the same time, the role of in-house counsel has evolved, from being merely a provider of legal advice, to being a risk and reputation manager as well as a business manager. In-house counsel are further expected to participate in devising and delivering business strategies with an eye on the bottom line. They have to be business solution providers, while managing the legal risks.

With the above realities in mind, THS & Co recognizes innovative and visionary general counsels are seeking opportunities to outsource the right type of work (which we call “right-outsourcing”) for greater efficiency and effectiveness. This approach of “right-outsourcing” has proven in our experience, to provide the desired flexibility and space for legal functions to deliver the core responsibilities in a cost-effective manner in the long term.

Thus, the firm has been designed and structured to handle matters of ‘right-outsourcing” by employing resources who understand the client’s business and having the flexibility to target these resources where and when the need arises. Understanding the pressure on overheads and costs for businesses going forward, are only going to get more acute, THS & Co has geared itself, to be able to provide legal services to our clients in a flexible and cost-effective manner.

THS & Co. places value creation for clients at the heart of the practice and hence is focused and aligned behind the vision where the client comes first. The firm strongly believes in a collaborative approach to problem solving as well as team work, whether it’s within the firm or when working with clients.


Our Philosophy

“Your external inhouse resource”

THS & Co’s philosophy is to be an integral part of the inhouse function of our clients by understanding their business and challenges. To deliver on this, we encourage our clients to work closely with the firm to share knowledge and exchange ideas in order that innovative solutions can be devised to overcome current challenges, while preparing for the future.

Each type of business has its own unique regulatory and business challenges. We believe an earlier appreciation of these, places us in the right space to provide the most effective solution to the problem.

THS & Co appreciates creating shareholder value is at the heart of any business, and we aim to be aligned to this goal. THS& Co is problem-solver rather than just an arm’s length legal consultant. We aim to assist businesses to re-invent themselves in the ever-changing environment, by having the ability to provide the necessary training, create the required awareness and assist in designing processes to manage and mitigate legal, regulatory and compliance risks.


Relationship Ethos

THS & Co believes in building a relationship based on trust and confidence. Our clients must feel secure in the knowledge all their information will be kept confidential and thus must be at ease while sharing information. They must feel comfortable that the quality of legal services will be of a very high standard on which they can rely on. They must have confidence, services will be delivered on time, with quality.

To build such a relationship, we endeavor to understand our client’s business intimately, to comprehend the challenges and the risks they face. This ensures we provide advice which is business orientated and focused in delivering the objective. THS & Co prides itself on being a solution provider to the problems rather than a ‘legal fetter’. THS & Co holds a strong belief that its own future is tied with the future of its clients – thus the client’s business must go on and prosper.

THS & Co aims to build a relationship, where communication becomes very smooth at all. We believe in breeding familiarity, and removing formalities.


To ensure the firm has flexibility and speed, it has been structured around a ‘network’ model of firms, where THS & Co is always the face the client deals with. THS & Co has its own team of dedicated lawyers, but additionally has a close association with other firms based across the country. This gives the firm the capability to bring needed capacity to an issue when required and the desired reach for each problem. We have delivered solutions to our clients, in the remotest areas with the same quality and professionalism as clients are accustomed to in any major city, due to the relationship approach adopted with other firms.